Save 10% on all rentals above $100.00 for Thanksgiving.

Save 15% if you  book 2 holiday orders at the same time. Taxes and service fees do not apply. All orders must be over $100.00 and be paid in full at time of booking. 

Cordial - 2oz.

New ! call for availability

Serving Utensils - Silver

Wine - 12oz. Grand

Table Utensils - Stainless

Table Utensils - Silver #V

Table Utensils - Silver #G

Old Fashioned - 8oz.

Hi Ball Glass - 6oz.

Champagne Tulip - 9oz.

All Purpose Goblet - 12 oz.

China - Cream W /Gold Trim 

Beer Mug 10oz.

Brandy - 5.5oz.

Brandy - 2oz.

Serving Utensils - Stainless

Sherry - 4oz.

Punch Cup clear- 6oz.

Beer Pilsner - 9oz.

Champagne Flute 5.5 oz.

Shot Glass - 1oz.

Manhattan - 6oz.

Dishware and China

China - White

China - Bone with Silver Trim

Table Utensils - Silver #R

Martini - 8oz.

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Wine - 8oz

Parfait - 5oz.

For Rental reservations or any questions you may have please call us: 973-731-4483

Plates - Clear Glass

Champagne Coup - 4oz.

Punch Cup cut - 6oz.

Wine - 16oz. Balloon